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17 July 2011 @ 05:09 pm
Buying Policy and FAQ  
Please read this BEFORE you purchase any items.

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  • All prices are in US dollars. If you would like to know how much is cost in your currency, we could tell you or you can do it yourself here.
    Note: Paypal does convert it for you however we are not responsible for the difference in estimation on the site and Paypal as currency does depreciate and appreciate.
  • When we send an invoice to you, we expect within 48 hours for you to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, your items will be packaged and shipped so the faster you complete it, the faster items will be shipped. If you need more time, please notify us or else your items will be placed up for sale once again.
  • It's a first come, first serve basis.
  • If you want more information/pictures on the item that you want to buy, feel free to contact us, via email/PM.
  • If you find the price too high, feel free to haggle however, it must be within a reasonable range.
  • We have a right to refuse doing business with you.
  • We do not trade.
  • We am not responsible for lost/damaged packages and there are no refunds or exchanges.
  • Posts will be updated daily if someone has an item on hold or bought.
  • When we send you an invoice, we will re-list the items that you wish to buy. If you wish to remove any item or there are any mistakes, please let us know.
  • International shipping is very expensive so please do not complain if your total price is high.

    Where do you ship from?//Where do the items come from?
    - Daly City, California of the United States of America. The items come from a nonsmoking and nonalcoholic household with a medium sized dog. All items haven't been touched by her.

    Do you ship internationally?
    - Yes, We do but beware that it is expensive to ship it internationally than domestic. All shipping and handling is shouldered by the buyer.

    What types of payment do you take?
    - We take Paypal ONLY, no other format.

    Do you accept payment plans?
    - No, it must be paid in full at once.

    Can we place things on hold?
    - Unless notified by the potential buyer, we will only hold it for 72 HOURS.

    Return policy
    - No returns, refunds, and all sales are final. We are not responsible for the package after it leaves our hands and is dropped off at the post office.

    How do I contact you?
    - Email us at finalrebirth@gmail.com.

    Can I add/upgrade my package?
    - That entirely depends on you. Of course, the upgrades and add-ons will cost more money but it makes sure that you receive your package. By default, I use the cheapest service. If you want to, when you place your purchase comment, just notify me of any add-ons or upgrades that you want.
            o Domestic (US) - First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail
            o International - Priority Mail, Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed

    Do you ask about different mailing options?
    - Before we package the items, we will send a private message to you about the total price along with two options for shipping if it is domestic For international, the default choice is the flat-rate box unless there is a cheaper option which I will inform you about.

    How come my items haven't arrived?
    - Your package should arrive from 2 - 3 weeks, depending on the type of shipping you have chosen, so please be patient.

    My items are damaged / How they aren't in the condition like you described?
    - It got damaged on the way or it was badly handled. If the box and the item was damaged, then that's out of our hands. Bad handling, shaking, etc., can damage the item.

    When you do ship the packages out?
    - Any time from Monday to Saturday.

    Update Log:
    - July 17, 2011: Posted
    - December 29, 2011: Added item arrival, Saturday/Sunday Shipping, Damaged items
    - May 04, 2012: Edit international shipping information/comment
    - July 28, 2012: Added International Shipping rule to policy.
    - September 16, 2013: Edited International Shipping
    - August 26, 2015</strong:> Overhual of entire post